ARTYchoke is a design study, a series of square stained glass cartoon designs to celebrate the beauty of home-grown crops, herbs, fruits or vegetables. It was achieved in 2018, the year of the studio’s 20th Anniversary. These cartoon designs can be transformed into a bright and colourful stained glass creation for your home or public sites, different sizing or design options are available.


It had all started years ago. In 2005/2008, inspired by the hours spent at my newly acquired allotment _ as I was recovering from a bone marrow transplant _ my plot became the key, the vital part, for reshaping my wellbeing. As a proud beginner gardener, I took regular photo shoots – and continue to do so – on the day the crops arrive as rewards in my home. The photography is a ‘story telling’ of those surprising cherished hours and a means to keep an arty awareness of being thankful for what it added to my plate to heal my body.


ARTYchoke is also a well-being project,

workshops I will run to pass on this approach, playing with the process of stained glass cartoons and traditional painting on glass. It is a statement I have to share about the relationship with our planet and food. One will give time to observe and reshape. It is also built out of the love for flavours, unusual shapes and colours of home grown crops.

ARTYchoke is now more than ever, a desire to ignite that love in other people and share the values, the healing qualities, the well-being gifts, the ethical or spiritual choices that I place in stained glass as an Art & Craft. It appraises food as the precious means to a future for many on planet Earth.


“Glass is in some ways very similar to food. It is a perfect medium to celebrate it; when flooded with light it flourishes and delights with the textures and colours, engulfs the senses and memories with love. It sharpens or refocus our beings, alike feeding oneself.”


ARTYchoke Catalogue

Ce sont des series créées régulièment au rythme des saisons; en prenant les photos des légumes d’un jardin ouvrier que Nathalie cultive. A peine rentrée chez elle, la lumière de sa salle de séjour embrasse ce lot sorti du panier et posé spontanément avec satisfaction sur la table. Les légumes du jour deviennent une oeuvre accomplie. Ils semblent présenter toutes les heures de travail, la plannification du terrain, les gestes protecteurs suivant une philosophie de vie, tout dans le carré du jardinier amateur.

Chaque légume dans l’esprit  de la journée ou de cette semaine, de cette saison, de la récolte de l'année.

Chaque façon de les observer ou chaque coupe est ainsi une nouvelle empreinte d’une idée pour les mettre en plombs, leur choisir des verres et une façon de les peindre sur ces verres afin de partager une nature végétale bien vivante, vibrante de lumière.​.


ARTYchoke, c'est toute une histoire.ésultat-est-éblouissant


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