Leon told me he was more keen to come to my studio than following an online course. I reassured him the two sessions online would be prior to his visit at my studio...

...We all need a bit of practice to find the positive sides of this mean of teaching....

I recorded myself by mistake as I was perfecting the lights or the screens positions, and the documents I would share. It shows the small stress and the achievement! (biting my lips, pressing fingers on my cheek and a smile)

I was ready to welcome Leon!

By Nathalie Hildeguarde Liege from her first blog post about Online Mentoring

Time is TBD | At Couleurlive Studio

Beginners Traditional Stained Glass Painting Course

This is a 2-Day Beginners Course learning and exploring traditional stained glass techniques such as the making of glass paint paste, painting on glass, kiln-firing. Please note that this course IS NOT for learning the techniques of cutting glass and leading.
Beginners Traditional Stained Glass Painting Course

Time & Location

Time is TBD
At Couleurlive Studio

What We Offer

Because of COVID-19, please contact me, for all courses will be scheduled to suit governement and NHS advices. Thank you for understanding! 

Until further notice you can purchase the £51 Vouchers | Traditional Stained Glass Course, through my online shop or Support Shrewsbury page.

2-Day Course £152 all materials incl. 

Day 1 

9:45am - 4:00pm

You will explore, with the most creative approach to traditional, kiln-fired, stained glass painting, the making of glass paint paste, applying it and texturing onto glass. 

Day 2

10:00am - 4:00pm

You will practice the glass painting skill of tracing, where you will select and work from a range of patterns and light/pale coloured glass provided. You will select a pattern of your choice and create a piece using all of the skills you were introduced to. At the end of the day, your final pieces will be fired over night using my kiln. There will also be a theme to the workshop which will be decided once I have an idea of who is participating. 

No prior glass experience is necessary!

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