Our History

Nathalie’s journey into stained glass began back in 1995 when after practising Fine Art in France and working as a guide in both the Musée d’Orsay and the Modern Art Museum of the Pompidou Centre in Paris she moved to the United Kingdom to study stained glass art in Swansea and later in Wrexham. 


She moved to Shropshire in 1998 after finishing her studies and being presented with a two-year Journeyman’s Award from the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass. As part of the award she acquired a fully equipped stained glass workshop at Coalport China Museum, Ironbridge and was mentored by Alfred Fisher. She also received a grant to start a business as a Stained Glass artist and artisan; which is how Couleurlive began, although it was named differently then. 


Between the years of 2003 and 2009 Nathalie took a break from her work for health reasons and during this time channelled her creativity into writing and storytelling and spent a great deal of time at her allotment. She continues to write stories and considers Stained Glass a form of storytelling on behalf of the clients and colleagues she works with. 


In 2018 when thinking of how to mark the 20th Anniversary of her studio one of Nathalie’s priorities was to celebrate the many hours spent at her allotment and the vital part this played in her healing process. This led her to start the project ARTYchoke; a series of square Stained Glass cartoon designs that celebrate the beauty of home-grown crops created using photographs Nathalie had taken of her own crops from her allotment. She has completed two series of designs and one commission, is working on a third series and is in the process of discussing the creation of a second commission later in year 2020. Nathalie is planning more exhibitions of the cartoon designs after displaying a few at The GreenHouse Café in Shrewsbury. 


2019 saw the completion of her Arts Council England funded project Marga & Collections; a permanent artwork inspired by Margaret Agnes Rope and Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery’s ‘Hall of Rocks & Minerals’ collection. The project was delivered in collaboration with the Museum and KAE films, who captured the whole process from the story of creation, through to the design, workshop activities, talks, tours and demonstrations and the making of the artwork itself. The window is on permanent display at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery. 


Following the 20th anniversary of her studio, Nathalie set herself the goal of expanding her teaching offering and in the past few years she has done just that: she started to deliver them more frequently and with more structure, invested in more equipment and made infrastructural improvements to her studio to accommodate more people. When the Covid-19 outbreak happened, with support from Arts Council England, she quickly adapted by launching an online shop and delivering Online Mentoring in Stained Glass Crafting and offers this in both French and English. 


Looking to the future she hopes to continue working on private commissions and collaborative works with other artists and existing educational bodies.